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Ethical gift wrap

This time of year brings so many ethical dilemmas. I have a serious addiction to sparkly ribbons and bows and have never quite managed to embrace the idea of wrapping all of my presents in newspaper.

But, there really is no excuse for producing vast amounts of paper for a single use. I have to accept that it really is a little bit selfish to add to the yearly supply of wrapping paper that is thrown away.

If laid end to end, the wrapping paper chucked away each year in the UK would stretch around the equator nine times!

Little recycled gift bags

I am not going cold turkey, I still have wrapping paper from last year that needs using up, but I am going to make a step in the right direction.

A page from the Guardian Magazine is just the right size to make little gift bags, perfect for Christmas goodies. I think I’m going to tie them up with some recycled sparkly ribbon from last year.

Happy Christmas xx