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January Sunshine

St. Michael's Mount, Marazion

My new ecological calendar is telling me that today is a day to forage for food and build up fat reserves for winter.

This message doesn’t seem to have reached Penzance, it is definitely spring here. My crocuses are poking out of the soil in and it is warm and beautiful outside. I have spent the afternoon sunbathing at the beach!

What Penzance lacks in economic prosperity, it more than makes up for in proximity to the beach. When the sun is shining I fall in love with my coastal town all over again. The coastal path between Marazion and Penzance was full of people gently wandering and looking shocked to be outside without rain coats and snow hats.

This fantastic January sunshine has left Penzance smiling. I hope everyone else has found a sunny spot to enjoy this lovely high pressure system.

Happy New Year xx


Prussia Cove: sunshine and home-made bread

Sunshine and shingle with bright blue sea and sky

Relaxing in the sunshine

Prussia Cove is my all-time favourite beach. It is a tiny shingle beach, perfect for swimming and even better for picnics.

It has just become an even better picnic destination. At the top of the beach is a tiny bakery selling the most wonderful home-made bread and cakes.

We bought little crusty bread rolls to go with our cheese, and soft twisted olive bread sticks – perfect!

I have just discovered a really useful beach guide, brilliant if you are trying to find somewhere different to go.