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Wandering at Perranuthnoe

Still water at Perranuthnoe

After a busy week, it’s time to celebrate the arrival of the weekend.

As predicted, my knitting is progressing slowly, never mind, mitten number two is on it’s way.

Despite having a busy week, I did have time for a little wander near the sea. Perranuthnoe is looking gorgeous and has recently become my favourite beach.

It’s often quiet at this time of year, and always beautiful. Not only is the beach lovely, but the rocky-road from The Cabin is fab too. It was a tiny wooden shed that specialised in home made cakes, but this has been demolished and a larger wooden building is being put in it’s place. I’m normally wary of change, but I am quite excited about this development; the new cabin will have some inside seating and an amazing view, I can’t wait for it to open.

sand, sea and a border collie

The Cabin is one of few eatery developments that seem to be happening around PZ at them moment. It feels like the town is coming out of hibernation and preparing for the summer season. I’m becoming quite hopeful that we might survive the economic downturn after all.

Have a lovely weekend



La Vie en Rose

I have just spent a lovely hour sitting in my car near the beach. I am not normally into overly sentimental books, but I have one exception, I love ‘La Vie En Rose’ by Dominique Glocheux.

I have been inspired by Dominique to gather together and share beautiful thoughts, calming ideas and some hand made crafts! I hope to create an online gratitude diary and aim to learn to stop and stare and love and cherish simplicity.