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January Sunshine

St. Michael's Mount, Marazion

My new ecological calendar is telling me that today is a day to forage for food and build up fat reserves for winter.

This message doesn’t seem to have reached Penzance, it is definitely spring here. My crocuses are poking out of the soil in and it is warm and beautiful outside. I have spent the afternoon sunbathing at the beach!

What Penzance lacks in economic prosperity, it more than makes up for in proximity to the beach. When the sun is shining I fall in love with my coastal town all over again. The coastal path between Marazion and Penzance was full of people gently wandering and looking shocked to be outside without rain coats and snow hats.

This fantastic January sunshine has left Penzance smiling. I hope everyone else has found a sunny spot to enjoy this lovely high pressure system.

Happy New Year xx


November’s Wanderlust

My world is speeding up and my weeks are rushing by. It’s time to slow down and remember to stop and stare and take in the wonders of November.

Wonderful colour

I’m not so keen on the dark evenings, but the setting sun seems to amplify the soft colours of West Penwith. It is quite stunning.

November might just be my favourite time of year. It’s just getting cold enough for gloves and scarves and hats and blustery visits to the beach. The colder temperatures still feel like a little bit of a novelty. I know that come February, I will be craving some warmth, but at the moment I’m quite content to savour the winter chills.

Beautiful beads

Knitting is one of my favourite ways to relax. I love creating something and I love the gentle repetitive action of the bamboo needles. However, this weekend, I might have discovered a creative activity that is even more relaxing than knitting.

My little beads

What could be calmer than rolling lovely balls of wool in warm water and bubbles? I have invested in some natural wool with a bag of bright red to give a festive feel. The natural wool is a soft grey and is kindly donated by an Oatmeal Bluefaced Leicester sheep, it’s lovely.

Felt beads are so easy to make, they just take a little bit of patience as the wool is rolled in hot water and bubbles until it forms a solid bead. My current crafty plan is make a necklace, and maybe even some Christmas decorations.

Calming autumnal shades of grey

Warm greys provide calm

I like autumn. I love the colours, the cooler temperatures and the thrill of the last few sunny beach days.

As nature is winding down for the oncoming period of hibernation I’m desperate to join in. Yet I seem to be facing an increasing workload. I can feel my body fighting the busyness. It’s yearning to stock up on the wonderful autumnal veggies and get ready to hide away until the warmer temperatures return.

Every part of my soul is aching to spend the days wandering, collecting chestnuts and watching the leaves change colour.

To counteract the busiest time of year at work, I’ve been desperately trying to squeeze in time to wander around outside. The sea’s calming silver-grey colour has helped me relax by absorbing any stress.

I’m hoping that I can fit in enough autumnal relaxation to fulfil my bodies need to hibernate without actually locking myself inside surrounded by soup and blankets!

Solitude in Cornwall

Autumnal colours and tranquility at Godolphin

For six weeks of the year, Cornwall changes. The beaches become full of the bright reds and blues of buckets and spades, beach tents and swimsuits. The roads are busy and once quiet rural landscapes are full of noise and laughter as families enjoy their summer holidays together.

I am glad that people can come to Cornwall to escape their normal lives and enjoy the beach for a few days. But, I do love it when they go home. This weekend Cornwall has regained its sleepy personality and it’s quite lovely.

My autumnal scarf

Wandering around Goldophin Hill, I celebrated the start of a new season by collecting blackberries and loving the beautiful colours of autumn.

This has inspired my next crochet creation, I am making an autumnal scarf.

Unfortunately, my crocheting skill is not as beautiful as the autumnal colours that I hoped to represent, so I may be undoing my first attempt and starting again!

An ode to the Cycle Centre

The Mounts Bay cycle path

As a lover of the slow bicycle movement, I am almost fully reliant on my friendly local bike shop (LBS) to keep me on the road.

A year ago, The Cycle Centre Penzance let me test drive a number of bikes and spent a long time matching up my requirements. As a consequence of their help, my bike is a perfect fit, I love her!

Unfortunately, with bikes, love is not enough. My poor little bike needs a lot of attention; but is unfortunate to have found an owner who is clueless about maintenance. Luckily, the lovely cycle centre seem to have endless patience and have shown me how to pump up tires, change brake pads and lubricate the chain.

If you visit Penzance, be sure to pop into the cycle centre. Hire a bike and spend a fantastic afternoon cycling between Marazion and Mousehole.

If you are not popping through Penzance anytime soon, please support your own local bike shop, I am sure that they are just as knowledgeable and encouraging as the Penzance LBS.

(Just to clarify – I’m not on commission – the Cycle Centre is truly fab!)

Summer sun and sand castles

A triumph of sandcastle design

So many humans have a desire to create. For thousands of years humans have drawn, painted or made music. This is such a lovely trait. We don’t just meet our basic human needs; we demand more of life. We want to be inspired and we want to leave our mark on the planet.

The coasts of the UK seem to bring this creativity to the fore. Go to any seaside town and you will find someone sitting on the beach painting. Even the wonderful names of every small boat demonstrate our need to create things of beauty.

How else can I explain the time and effort that went into the creation of this awe-inspiring sand castle. Someone has spent a happy afternoon designing and building a castle that will last for  just a few hours.

The building of sand castles has no purpose other than to create and entertain and I think that sometimes, this alone is purpose enough.