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Loving Christmas

A happy festive elf

I’ve finished the shopping, the presents have been given out and the baking is all complete.

It’s time to relax, watch festive films, eat festive goodies and spread the love!

For the last few weeks I have been happily knitting little elves, presents and reindeer; hopefully they are all happy in their new homes. I’m now contemplating a new knitting project, it might be time for an actual piece of clothing (or… I might just sit back and eat some Christmas cake).

Happy Christmas xx


Festive fun

My Christmas tree

Just a quick blog post to wish everyone a very happy advent!

I love the count down to Christmas. I love the little twinkly lights, the smell of the tree and the nostalgia (I am aware that I am a bit early, but I couldn’t really wait).

The carols are on, the tree is up and due to my incredibly slow knitting speed I am off to do some Christmas shopping.