Calming autumnal shades of grey

Warm greys provide calm

I like autumn. I love the colours, the cooler temperatures and the thrill of the last few sunny beach days.

As nature is winding down for the oncoming period of hibernation I’m desperate to join in. Yet I seem to be facing an increasing workload. I can feel my body fighting the busyness. It’s yearning to stock up on the wonderful autumnal veggies and get ready to hide away until the warmer temperatures return.

Every part of my soul is aching to spend the days wandering, collecting chestnuts and watching the leaves change colour.

To counteract the busiest time of year at work, I’ve been desperately trying to squeeze in time to wander around outside. The sea’s calming silver-grey colour has helped me relax by absorbing any stress.

I’m hoping that I can fit in enough autumnal relaxation to fulfil my bodies need to hibernate without actually locking myself inside surrounded by soup and blankets!


2 thoughts on “Calming autumnal shades of grey

  1. Petit Filoux

    Oh how I wish I could go into hibernation!! Dark evenings are absolutely horrendous and the amount of light we’re getting makes me want to curl up in bed at 5pm!! funny how work just gets in the way though…!

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