To knit or not to knit

Lovely new organic wool

Lovely new organic wool

Having just discovered crochet, I’m in love. It’s quite addictive.

But, I’m not quite ready to leave behind the knitting yet. I’ve just bought some lovely new wool from Knitwits, it’s a gorgeous leafy green colour and it’s about to become a hat.

The big question is whether to knit or crochet? Crochet is quite speedy, but the soothing sound of my bamboo needles is quite difficult to leave behind!

As my annual attempt to create the perfect hat begins, I just have to decide whether to knit or not to knit!


2 thoughts on “To knit or not to knit

  1. woolandchocolate

    Knit! Always knit! 🙂
    I am a bit biased. Crochet hurts my wrists after awhile, and I just like the way knitting looks, usually.
    Beautiful yarn. The real question is not knit or crochet, but rather, cables or lace. 😉

  2. louisaholly Post author

    I think you might be right. Thanks for the advice!

    I definitely need a bit more practise before I can ask whether to knit cables or lace though!

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