Autumnal crochet

Since learning to knit and crochet, I have become quite attached to all of my efforts. I rarely start a new crafting project with the expectation of perfection, consequently I am always satisfied with the results. I have a bag full of wonky squares and small knitted fish that document my progress, I can’t bear to undo them and start again.

However, I have broken the pattern; since starting my autumnal scarf I realised that it wasn’t as delicate or as neatly crocheted as I would like. I accepted that my work was below par, but unusually I decided that I could do better.

My second attempt at the autumnal scarf

I quite enjoyed pulling apart all of the stitches and starting again; and it was definitely the right thing to do. The second attempt is much thinner and more appropriately designed for autumn days that have just a little nip in the air.

Having improved my technique, now I need to get a bit faster so that I can wear it before the onset of winter!


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