Solitude in Cornwall

Autumnal colours and tranquility at Godolphin

For six weeks of the year, Cornwall changes. The beaches become full of the bright reds and blues of buckets and spades, beach tents and swimsuits. The roads are busy and once quiet rural landscapes are full of noise and laughter as families enjoy their summer holidays together.

I am glad that people can come to Cornwall to escape their normal lives and enjoy the beach for a few days. But, I do love it when they go home. This weekend Cornwall has regained its sleepy personality and it’s quite lovely.

My autumnal scarf

Wandering around Goldophin Hill, I celebrated the start of a new season by collecting blackberries and loving the beautiful colours of autumn.

This has inspired my next crochet creation, I am making an autumnal scarf.

Unfortunately, my crocheting skill is not as beautiful as the autumnal colours that I hoped to represent, so I may be undoing my first attempt and starting again!


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