Am I an ardent feminist?

Just sometimes, when it’s raining and the day feels long, I might have a go on our Wii. I am not a fan of computer games, I would rather be doing almost anything else, but just sometimes my reserve weakens.

Super Mario Galaxy is quite a fun game, it is simple and even I can collect some of the little stars; but is this really harmless fun?

The premise is quite shocking, and I’m not sure that it is suitable for children. Surely we have moved away from a world where a poor defenceless women has to be rescued by a man. Princess Peaches and Mario represent everything that is wrong with acceptable gender stereotypes.

The women: Blonde, blue eyes, dressed in pink, size eight, panics and calls out to be rescued.

The man: Short, rotund, middle-aged, never panics, stoically sets out to rescue Peaches.

I am not a total kill joy. If unique, this would be an acceptable storyline, but unfortunately it is one of crowd. Can you think of a single film, TV show or game that involves a plump middle-aged women running around trying to rescue a beautiful young man? These things do not exist and really, it is quite unacceptable. The media must reflect the true diversity of our world and not reinforce outdated stereotypes.

How can young women growing up in the twenty-first century hope to achieve gender equality when the media is continuously showing them that the ideal women is beautiful, thin and often helpless; and while I’m ranting, often white. TV is better at celebrating diversity, but films and computer games have a long way to go.

Women do not have to be thin to be successful and are quite capable of looking after themselves, it’s about time that this message was conveyed to our children.


2 thoughts on “Am I an ardent feminist?

  1. Petit Filoux

    Sorry, only reading this now, nearly a month late – I completely agree with you. We live in a society that is trying to break away from stereotypes, yet every media we are surrounded by reinforces them with a passion. You look at any tv show, and it’s likely that the man will be middle aged and not particularly good looking; the woman on the other hand will be young and pretty. I also dispair at colour compartmentalisation for children’s toys/ clothes/ accessories. Why do quilts for little boys have to be blue, for girls pink, and if you don’t know, you feel like you have to pick a “safe” colour like green?!! ok, enough of the rant now!!

  2. louisaholly Post author

    So true! I hate toys being so clearly colour coded. Almost everything for children seems to be gender specific.

    Thank you for stopping by!

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