Thrifty in Penzance

Little knitted follies

I am quite good at making really  useless things.

I am currently knitting little pictures of hearts. Although they look quite sweet, they have no real purpose. However, this is not holding me back, I’ve done about ten so far!

The dream is to knit a cardigan with little hearts all over it, but this is way beyond my current knitting ability! Maybe one day…

This weekend, my crafting passion was finally put to good use. I have done useful things with purpose and feel very pleased with myself!

My purposeful weekend began by hemming a pair of trousers, thus creating enough momentum to shorten a skirt that had bike oil along the bottom. Both items of clothing are now wearable again – brilliant. Striking while the iron remained hot, I dyed two white t-shirts navy blue (successfully resisting the urge to tie-dye).

Having been useful for a whole weekend, it’s back to the little knitted hearts!


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