An ode to the Cycle Centre

The Mounts Bay cycle path

As a lover of the slow bicycle movement, I am almost fully reliant on my friendly local bike shop (LBS) to keep me on the road.

A year ago, The Cycle Centre Penzance let me test drive a number of bikes and spent a long time matching up my requirements. As a consequence of their help, my bike is a perfect fit, I love her!

Unfortunately, with bikes, love is not enough. My poor little bike needs a lot of attention; but is unfortunate to have found an owner who is clueless about maintenance. Luckily, the lovely cycle centre seem to have endless patience and have shown me how to pump up tires, change brake pads and lubricate the chain.

If you visit Penzance, be sure to pop into the cycle centre. Hire a bike and spend a fantastic afternoon cycling between Marazion and Mousehole.

If you are not popping through Penzance anytime soon, please support your own local bike shop, I am sure that they are just as knowledgeable and encouraging as the Penzance LBS.

(Just to clarify – I’m not on commission – the Cycle Centre is truly fab!)


3 thoughts on “An ode to the Cycle Centre


    Greetings from PZ! The weather not so sunny today, but that won`t put us off anything. Off to St Ives by train, after another session of shell searching (tiny cowries, when lucky) by the rock pools, and counting cats waiting to be let indoors around town in the (early) morning .

  2. louisaholly Post author

    Welcome to PZ!

    I love finding those tiny cowries – so small, but so perfect! The weather is supposed to improve towards the end of the week so hopefully you will get some sunshine soon. I hope you have a lovely time in St. Ives, the perfect destination for counting cats!

  3. mutteringsfromthemoor

    I too hope to be a bicycle lover soon, it’s so flat around here you could cycle for miles without getting too tired! Lucky for me my old next door neighbour is a bit of an expert so I have left my ageing mountain bike in his capable hands and soon it will be returned to me with brand new tyres and inner tubes!

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