Summer sun and sand castles

A triumph of sandcastle design

So many humans have a desire to create. For thousands of years humans have drawn, painted or made music. This is such a lovely trait. We don’t just meet our basic human needs; we demand more of life. We want to be inspired and we want to leave our mark on the planet.

The coasts of the UK seem to bring this creativity to the fore. Go to any seaside town and you will find someone sitting on the beach painting. Even the wonderful names of every small boat demonstrate our need to create things of beauty.

How else can I explain the time and effort that went into the creation of this awe-inspiring sand castle. Someone has spent a happy afternoon designing and building a castle that will last for  just a few hours.

The building of sand castles has no purpose other than to create and entertain and I think that sometimes, this alone is purpose enough.


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