Post election celebration

Andrew George becomes St. Piran complete with millstone!

Last week, the country was buzzing with election excitement; Saturday 8th of May brought uncertainty to the political world as a deal was sought. However, for one day only we dropped all thoughts of the election and welcomed in the summer – it was Flora Day!

I am quite certain that it is only in Cornwall that we welcome in our elected MPs by parading them through the streets wearing a millstone around their necks. Andrew George held on to his majority on the 6th of May and took his place as St. Piran in the Hal-an-tow.

The Hal-an-Tow is an agglomeration of many myths and legends. It celebrates the end of winter and signifies the start of the summer – a perfect tradition!


One thought on “Post election celebration

  1. Pippa

    Well I haven’t popped into your blog for ages, but love your recent posts! Having taken part in (and enjoyed) many of the recently mentioned activities, here’s to a long, hot, Cornish (but hopefully not wet!) summer! Pxx

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