Mark Steel is in Penzance

Mark Steel at the Acorn Theatre

Penzance is famous! We have reached the heady heights of radio 4 and now star in ‘Mark Steel’s in Town’. It is available on iPlayer and is definitely worth having a listen to.

I particularly like the enthusiasm of the audience, we really laughed out loud, we cheered and whistled! I always feel so grateful when anybody actually makes it down this far!

Penzance where the locals revel in their remoteness, pilchards and pasties. Struck by the beauty of this rugged coastal town Mark Steel is surprised to find a civil war raging…

When the BBC record their shows, they give out double the number of tickets to the actual number of seats. As the tickets are free, people often request tickets, but then don’t turn up – not in Penzance! All 400 ticket holders queued up outside the Acorn theatre, the first 200 people were allowed in; then 50 people were allowed to listen from the bar downstairs. At this point, I thought there was going to be a riot, people had to guard the doors. It was quite tense.

Have a listen, it’s quite funny!


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