Celebrating the slow bike movement in Penzance

In this world of time-space compression, I am definitely a fan of the slow movement, I love W.H. Davies poem Leisure and really do try to stop and stare.

My little bike on it's way to Porthleven

Until now I had been unaware of the slow bike movement, but after discovering this slow philosophy, I think I will become a follower!

Like the slow food movement, slow biking involves cherishing the journey as much the arrival at your destination. My lovely little bike will certainly not break any land speed records, but it has a fantastic basket for flasks, picnics and shopping and will happily take me all over Penwith.

I am sure that my bike will be thrilled to join the slow bike movement!

Public service announcement!

Some of the prizes

Mutterer from the moor has organised a fantastic raffle to raise money for Cancer Research. So far, the original target of £200 has been reached, but more and more prizes are being added so you can still take part. It all looks wonderful! Visit Mutterer form the moor to make a donation and enter the raffle!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating the slow bike movement in Penzance

  1. Petit Filoux

    So lovely to have a look at what you’ve been up to since I’ve been away! So sorry to hear about your beach though, I can’t believe this project really has nearly passed planning, that is shocking!! Hope you manage to save it x

  2. louisaholly Post author

    I can’t believe it either! I think there will be some serious protests if work does start on the beach, it’s really sad.

    Lovely to hear from you, sounds like you had a bit of a traumatic time away, glad you made it back in the end.

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