Save our lovely beach

Battery Rocks beach

Summer has arrived in Penzance, I’ve even worn flip-flops – that’s a sure sign!

Battery Rocks beach is one of the sunniest corners of Penzance and is a perfect place to enjoy the blue skies. The view is fantastic, it’s normally out of the wind and it’s right in front of the Barbican ice-cream shop. It’s also one of the best locations for beach combing!

The last few weeks have seen a steady stream of people taking time out to sunbathe and relax by the sea on our little beach right in the middle of town.

Eighteenth century granite sea wall

However, this wonderful past time may be rudely interrupted by concrete and diggers. Our poor little beach is set to become a lorry depot and ferry terminal. Our eighteenth century sea wall will be forever trapped behind concrete and rock armour; our beach will be in-filled with layers and layers of concrete.

This plan is not a cruel joke, it has passed almost all of the planning stages and the funding is in place. So I am spending as much time as possible on our little beach, incase it is lost forever.

To find out how to campaign to save our beach, have a look at the Friends of Penzance Harbour website. They have lots more information and give advice on who to write to and how to be an effective campaigner.

Lovely sea glass from Battery Rocks beach


2 thoughts on “Save our lovely beach

  1. louisaholly Post author

    Thank you for the support! I don’t think there is anyone to write to at the moment, I think the final planning stages are just being arranged, I really hope it doesn’t go through too.

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