Knitting with Icelandic love

Icelandic shoe liners - knitted with love x

Iceland is not only famous for volcanoes, geysers and tectonic boundaries, but also knitted demonstrations of love. These shoe liners have been knitted for generations on the island and were often given to loved ones. They are on display at the Skogar Folk Museum (well worth a visit if you are passing by).

Fingerless mittens with little hearts

This month has been a month of wandering, not just around Penzance, but around the world – inducing international inspiration! So I am picking up some unfinished projects and enjoying knitting in the sun.

This pair of snow-day mittens were abandoned a while ago upon realising that I had yet again got my sizing wrong and was knitting mittens far too small for their potential owner. However, I do love the colours and the pattern, so I’ll finish them off and find someone with small hands to give them to. I am very

Little knitted hearts

proud of the little pink heart!

Have a look at Mary’s Knitting for other demonstrations of Icelandic inspiration. I love the idea of turning the  little shoe liners into little bags.


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