Big News in Penzance

A gripping local news story

It must be a slow news week in Penzance, as this headline made it onto page two of The Cornishman!!

“Drive by thief seen stealing pickle”

This really is an article about someone who looked shifty, then stole three jars of pickled onions without leaving money in the honesty box!

I am a great lover of honesty boxes, they demonstrate that we do not in fact live in a broken society, but a generous and trusting community. So, I am saddened that someone would take advantage of such a lovely system. However, I have no trouble spotting the comedic value of such a headline!


5 thoughts on “Big News in Penzance

  1. Mariellen Romer

    I’m wondering if the newspaper was also a fan of honesty boxes, and trying to shame the their into redressing the missing amount?!

    Am liking your blog a lot. But horrified about the plans for a lorry park etc near the barbican – how *could* they? But there are family fishing dynasties in those parts that seem to put money before heritage…

  2. louisaholly Post author

    Really glad that you found my little blog, thank you for visiting! I wonder if the culprit did return the pickles, that would be quite an impressive outcome for the Cornishman!

    Money is definitely being put before heritage on Penzance’s harbour, hopefully there will be a happy conclusion – I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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