Falmouth’s Street Art

Reclaiming the street with hearts and circles

Using our streets as community art spaces is quite an appealing idea. I’m not desperately keen on graffiti, however, it is possible for graffiti to be both beautiful and inspiring, and quite fun! The traders in Falmouth have used street art to come together and brighten up their little part of town.

Falmouth is a lovely place for a wander, I particularly like The Old High Street. Here a collection of individual and quite arty shops can be found. I love Jam Records, a tiny independent music shop whose worn out chairs are just perfect to collapse in whilst drinking coffee; and whose music collection is wonderfully eclectic. The Oxfam bookshop is also fab – there are always amazing books here. The Old High Street is the place to go for quirky gifts, health food, cinnamon toast and original works of art and fashion.

Footprints to lead you up the street

This week, the Old High Street’s friendly vibe has spread out onto the road. I love these bright and welcoming patterns, they draw you up the street. This is an under-rated area in Falmouth, but don’t miss it if you are after a surprising and interesting shopping trip away from the brand names and mass production of our ubiquitous shopping streets.


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