Snow Day Knitting

Beginner knitters first mittens

The snow enforced hibernation has given me the perfect opportunity to continue on the quest to improve my knitting skills. I have finally moved on from hats and have spent the snow days learning how to do circular knitting.

Having spent so long being limited to little knitted squares, the thrill of being able to make something that I actually want is just lovely!

So, after mastering circular knitting, I have made a pair of fingerless mittens and I am, as always, very proud! Despite the lack of fingers, they are actually quite warm!

Here is the pattern if you would like to replicate them (although you would probably want to make them without the little holes and dropped stitches!).

A beginner knitters fingerless mitten pattern

They were super-speedy to knit, I finished them in a couple of days using 5mm double ended needles and lovely yarn from the happy sheep at Trevaskis farm.

Happy knitting



6 thoughts on “Snow Day Knitting

  1. Pippa Renyard

    I’m so so impressed once again. While you have been working on some actually useful skills in the snow-enforced break, I instead spent my time painting pebbles! Fun, but less useful!! i can’t even understand the mitten pattern, its too hard for my poor, straight-lined knitting brain…so can I please order a pair from you instead? I really mean it! I love them!
    Hopefully see you soon
    Ps good luck with the blog awards!!

  2. louisaholly Post author

    Painting stones sounds lovely, the ones that you made for me are very useful and do a great job holding things onto the fridge! I love your painting.

    I’m glad you like the mittens, I will try and make you some, although I’m not too speedy, so it may be warm by the time they arrive!

    Thank you for the vote xx

    Louisa x

  3. mutteringsfromthemoor

    Lovely gloves! I need fingerless ones like that when I’m sewing as I get ridiculously cold hands in this house!

  4. louisaholly Post author

    I always thought that they were a bit pointless, why would you want warm hands but not warm fingers?! However, I love them, you can wear them all the time to keep your hands warm, I’m even wearing them now while typing! I throughly recommend fingerless gloves!! (Although this is in part because my knitting skills are really not up to actually knitting fingers!

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