Snow love

Four things that I love about snow!!
Number 1
The enforced hibernation. We live in a dynamic and exciting world that we cannot control, we just have to go with the flow. In winter, it is cold, icy and dark, it is probably best to do as the Blue Peter tortoise does and sit it out in the warm. Preferably with some good books and copious amounts of tea and hot chocolate.
Number 2
Friendly strangers. Snow and ice seem to induce a real sense of community and kindness. The shopper in front of me this morning was collecting essentials for no less than five of her neighbours. While pottering around, I have spotted so many people busily helping to rescue trapped cars, kindly warning people of slippy ground and advising drivers struggling with the conditions. Most people are rather nice, it seems that our most generous sides are often displayed during a crisis.

Snow Love - Heart shaped stones on the snowy beach

Number 3
The world looks beautiful.
Number 4
Sometimes life is a little bit calmer when the world is a little bit smaller. Driving is a tad scary in the ice, particularly as my road is untreated, so I am relying fully on my bike and feet, I’m not a very adventurous cyclist so my sphere of influence has shrunk significantly.
Happy snow day!

One thought on “Snow love

  1. mutteringsfromthemoor

    You’re so right about the world being calmer! Instead of rushing around trying to get a million things done, I put on my wellies and calming slid up to the village shop for groceries. I accepted nothing much else would get done that day so took a whole lot of pressure off myself in the process!

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