Snow day

Penzance is revelling in the unusual weather – we have just enough snow for it to be fun without it causing too many disruptions.

I only live a ten minute walk from work, so I made it in, it was lovely cycling through the snow! However, more snow is forecast, so we have all been sent home again – fantastic – a snow day!!

Looking across the snow and sea to St. Michael's Mount

I am just about to head off to the beach, but I thought I would share a lovely snowy picture with you first.

It is during these periods of extreme weather that I have realised how isolated we are in Penzance. Our little supermarket  was running low on quite a few products yesterday and even the butchers had not had all of it’s normal deliveries. The weather is not too bad here, but if the roads are dangerous up-country, we just don’t get our normal supplies. The town is so quiet, I think everyone is hiding and keeping warm inside – very sensible. We are really not used to sub-zero temperatures here and are concequently hibernating for a few days!

Hope everyone is keeping warm and cosy xx


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