Knitting Celebrations

The last few days have been filled with cakes, puddings, sunshine and lots of festive family cheer. I am now loving the quiet few days before the excitement begins again on New Year’s eve.
It has been a while since I updated you with my knitting progress, so I would like to share with you my fourth finished hat. It had it’s first outing a few days ago and unlike my previous creations, this hat is the right size and I love it’s colour. It is even lined with fleece to keep my ears toasty warm! I am excessivly proud!!
My biggest excitement is that I managed to create my own version of the pattern so that it is the right size but is still shaped nicely on the top – this is a total breakthrough for a beginner knitter!

My hats first trip to the beach

This photo was taken on St. Michaels Mount on my hats first trip out. The weather was amazing, quite breathtaking and the perfect antidote to Christmas shopping stress.

Unfortunately, this photo does highlight my hats main fault. I didn’t have enough wool for the last few rows and in my desperation to finish, I couldn’t wait to go and buy some more. Concequently, my hat has a little pimple on the top where I changed to a thicker yarn at the last minute. It actually looks ok when it is being worn, it does fit flat to my head. So, I am yet to create a perfect hat, but I feel that number five might be on it’s way soon! My knitting mission continues!



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