Inspirational allotments and knitting woes

Wandering around the Eden Project earlier this week I became, as always, in awe of their evident green fingers. I love the beautiful rustic allotment planted into the sides of the China Clay pit. The gentle rows of veggies were guarded efficiently by this rather shocked looking fellow and I couldn’t help dreaming of my own allotment filled future.

Recycled Scarecrow

Guarding the lovely veggies

I really don’t have enough space for full scale self sufficiency, but I am definitely going to plant some bulbs this weekend to satisfy my desire to nurture some vegetation! I have them all ready to go and just have to decide which of my pots they are going to hide in over the winter.

Wonderful Citrus

Fruity jewels


The Eden project is a fab place to go and hide from the cold, the warm Mediterranean biome is the perfect antidote to winter stresses and chills. I couldn’t resist photographing these stunning fruits, the colours are so lovely, the delicate lime green and the soft orange are so cheerful, I love this basket of yummy fruitiness.

On a slightly more frustrating note, this week I have shown my true colours as a beginner knitter. Recently I have been using lovely purple and turquoise yarn to work on hat number three. I have been so looking forward to wearing my new creation. Unfortunately in my haste to start knitting, I failed to realise that if I use thinner yarn, my hat will be smaller. Even while knitting, I was blissfully unaware that there was no way that my beloved hat would fit on my head.

I have now finished my hat and love it, despite it’s tiny dimensions. but there is no denying that I have made a hat suitable for an eight year old! This might not have been too bad, but it is only the width that is child-size, the length is still adult sized. So I am now the proud, but slightly sad owner of a lovely hat for an eight year old with a thin, but very long head.

At least I have now realised the importance of testing the size of the yarn  before I start knitting! I am not giving up, hat number four is on it’s way!

P.S. I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving xx


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