Seals and Sunshine

Dusky Godrevy

The weather has been a bit hit and miss today, so I’m in the mood for warming up with hot chocolate and maybe a good book.

I did find a break in the rain though and managed to pop to the beach to enjoy a little bit of sunshine. It was beautiful, and quite uplifting. The colours were subtle in the dusk, the lovely blues and greys are were very calming.

My wildlife spotting desires are always exceeded at Godrevy. I spotted a lovely seal who seemed to be enjoying life. He passed quite a bit of time floating around in the shallows and occasionally disappearing into the depths before returning to the surface for more of a rest.

This evening, I plan to follow the seals example and after my little burst of energy on the coastal path, I am about to take it easy in the shallows of my sofa and

Happy seal

prepare for a busy week.


4 thoughts on “Seals and Sunshine

  1. Melanie MASSET-BEACH

    Hello fellow beach-comber!

    I grew up in and around Penzance, but live far away now, so your site made up feel ‘homesick’. However, all the traces still remain because I look out for all the things that made up my life in PZ today; that’s how I found your page.
    I just created my blog yesterday, though it doesn’t seem to work yet!
    I took my children to Seal Island, by boat trip from St Ives, so your seal reminded me of that – and the look on my children’s faces when they saw seals emerging, with huge whiskers!

  2. louisaholly Post author

    Really glad that you like my little blog! I’ve never been on a sea spotting boat trip, I might have to try this summer – it sounds fab!

  3. Melanie MASSET-BEACH

    I sent your link to my cousin too, who always used to love staying with us all near St. Ives and then later in PZ. She lives in Devon now, but her ambition is to get to PZ eventually! When I come back each year we time our visits so that we can get to see all the old haunts. Have you been up to Madron Carn and seen that hidden pond/lake? We used to get up early in the morning to see it and spot the herons; it was magical.

    On the old subject of seals, I once had the luck to experience one just where I was swimming with a friend by Long Rock. The surprise made us react without thinking – we just shot out of that water!! More exotic still, there were dolphins at Porthcurno beach last year, and apparently basking sharks another time. Things might be getting more cosmopolitan on the wildlife front however the water there is still FREEZING!!!

  4. louisaholly Post author

    Thank you for the tips! I haven’t been to Madron Carn, but it’s on my list if places to visit.

    This week, the first basking sharks of the season have been spotted, I haven’t seen them yet, but I’m hopeful! It is so amazing seeing such huge creatures; we saw them at Sennen last year, there were loads of them quite close to the shore, we sat and watched them for ages – just fantastic!

    You are so lucky with the dolphin spotting, I’ve only spotted them once at St. Ives.

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