Time for tea

There is no single activity that has the ability to lift the mood like putting the kettle on and having a lovely steaming mug of tea. Apparently, I am not the only one who feels this way. Researchers have found that tea drinking is so ingrained into our culture as a stress relieving activity, that the relaxation process begins from the moment that we boil the kettle.

The benefits of tea appear to be far reaching. Check out the United Kingdom Tea Council for lots more information.

tea time

Thunder and Lightening at Morvah Schoolhouse

I struggle to live in Penzance without indulging in the odd cream tea. However, last week I made a discovery that may top even the cream tea – the ‘Thunder and Lightening’ (very appropriate for our current weather). This snack is not for the faint hearted, consisting of a toasted saffron bun, clotted cream and golden syrup, it tastes amazing!

A lovely venue in which to taste this Cornish delicacy is Morvah Schoolhouse; a community run building that forms the heart of the tiny village of Morvah and is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon!

P.S. Please share the joy of tea drinking by making sure that your tea is fair trade!


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