Knitting with Sylvester

My hats

Two finished hats!!

It has been a while since I gave a progress report on my knitting. I am not the speediest of knitters, so you haven’t really missed much, but I am slowly knitting my way to hat success and thought you might like an update.

I have now completed two hats!! I have finished the blue hat that I started a while ago. I like the colour, but it is a bit of a funny shape! It is a little bit long and thin so I haven’t worn it as


The top of my new hat

much as the purple hat. However, I am still proud of the lovely shaping on the top, which worked well; courtesy of Judith L. Swartz.

My two completed hats have really been prototypes. They are made with very cheap yarn that is not particularly fluffy or beautiful. So, on completion of hat number two, I decided that I was ready for some lovely woolly yarn in beautiful colours. After much contemplation, the purchase was made and hat number three is under way!


Sylvester giving a helping paw

Sylvester is loving my new hobby and can’t quite believe how lucky he is to be able to sit and watch moving wool for hours on end. Unfortunately, I am not sure that his passion for knitting is really benefiting my new creations. He sits and watches very patiently, but quite often, he just can’t resist joining in!


2 thoughts on “Knitting with Sylvester

  1. Charlotte

    Hi Louisa

    A certain someone in Helston suggested I take a look at your blog – it’s lovely and completely captures how lucky we are to live and work in Cornwall. I loved the talk of the allotments and I agree with you that scarecrow is amazing. Have you thought of putting in window boxes to grow a few things, though you seem to have grown at least one gorgeous looking strawberry 🙂

    I wait to see the picutres of the new hat, the colours of the wool are lovely – I take it from the hats and the colour of the text to the side you have quite a thing for blue and purple! I’ve been teaching myself to crochet, a friend has just had a baby and I thought something homemade would be a nice gift, I think it may end up as a Christmas present or the rate I’m going a first birthday pressie – I started in the summer but I’m sadly making very slow progress.

    I look forward to following your blog.


  2. Louisa Post author

    Hello, thank you for the lovely comment, I am just about to plant some snow bunting bulbs in little cups to go on my window sill! The strawberry was one of three, so we’re not quite self-sufficient yet, but I’m always hopeful x

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