An allotment and chestnut celebration

The clocks have changed so autumn has truly arrived; in fact, it’s almost winter. My cotton scarves have been swapped for woolly ones, and I’ve even been wearing my knitted hat! It can’t be long now until I have to hunt out my gloves!

To celebrate the move to winter I have been enjoying one of my all time favourite foods – chestnuts!! Although my chestnut cooking technique is a bit hit and miss, when I get it right, there really is no better evening snack. It is so exciting when the shops stock the first chestnuts of the year, I can never resist making a purchase.

Cool Earth

What an amazing scarecrow!

As well as chestnuts, this week I am also excited about allotments. I love allotments, they are fab! I have been on the Penzance waiting list for quite some time now, but it could take a few years, so I am just being patient and quite hopeful.

In the meantime, I have to share with you my favourite local allotment. I don’t know who it belongs to but it is beautiful. It is squeezed in between the road to Mousehole and the sea and I think it’s lovely! Not only do the veggies look healthy and rather tasty, but the artwork is wonderful too!


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