Stones, hearts and flags

The perfect antidote to work day stresses has to be beach combing. You cannot rush it. Slow and steady is the name of the game! So, here are some of my recent finds!

A little heart in the sand

A little heart in the sand

I’m always on the look out for heart shaped stones, this one is particularly cute. I know, it’s not quite the right shape, but it’s near enough!

I also loved the pattern on this stone, my very own St. Piran’s flag!

My all time favourite beach combing treasure has to be sea glass. I love it. I love it’s bright colour and smooth texture; and it’s just illusive enough to  create quite a sense of achievement when you collect a little handful.

The Cornish flag!

The Cornish flag!

It also has the added benefit that it is quite small so doesn’t threaten to overrun my tiny home. I did have a passion for drift wood, but this really was impractical, so now it’s sea glass all the way!

Here are a few little pieces that I found at Church Cove with a few more heart shaped stones!

Lovely sea glass

Lovely sea glass


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