Autumnal goodness!

Celebrating Autumn in Penzance

Celebrating Autumn in Penzance

This weekend saw Penzance at it’s cutest. The town was the host of Penwith Environmental Network’s Autumn Fair; St. John’s hall became home to a plethora of local food suppliers and environmental campaigners. Food was the theme of the event, so I have sampled some lovely local honey and cakes as well as salads that have been grown in the town. It was rather yummy!

Lovely music by Tros an Treys

Lovely music by Tros an Treys

These sort of events seem to attract Penzance’s friendliest residents and always feel so welcoming and cosy. I had the sort of afternoon that really makes you appreciate living in a rural area. I loved the music and dancing and bought some lovely lettuce babies from POG that will survive the winter and provide salads in spring (hopefully!).

My hat is still making slow progress, but I’m on my way. I have been inspired by the wonderful hats that were on display at the autumn fair, so I am ready to get knitting! Hopefully I will be the owner of two hand-knitted hats by the weekend – I’ll let you know how it goes!


4 thoughts on “Autumnal goodness!

  1. johanna

    the rain was so bad that i decided it was the perfect day for the children at nursery to test out their new rain suits they were excellent . we just need some for the teachers now!!

  2. Louisa Post author

    I love the sound of the little rain suits – it would definitely make life easier if we could wear them too!

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