Purple Inspiration

Beatiful colours

Beautiful colours

Inspired by the wonderful hydrangeas at Trewidden Garden, I have had a purple week! I found a ball of purple wool at the back of my cupboard and have managed to follow my first knitting patten! This is a breakthrough, I can normally only manage squares, so I’m quite excited.

I have had a cold for the last few days, I am sure that this has helped my rate of progress with the knitting. When feeling sorry for myself, there is not much that I want to do, except drink honey and lemon and maybe knit. So I am grateful to my cold for making me sit still for long enough to actually persevere with a pattern.

My new hat!

My new hat!

I have a cupboard full of tiny knitted bags, knitted lavender bags and even knitted fish, but I am yet to make anything that is truly useful. This is why I am so excited by my break-through – I have made a hat, and I actually like it! I am very grateful to Judith Swartz, I used her book “Hip to Knit” and managed to follow my first pattern. I’m now on my way, I think

The top of my hat

The top of my hat

this could be the winter of knitting!


6 thoughts on “Purple Inspiration

  1. mutteringsfromthemoor

    Love the hat! I have a purple knitted one in exactly that style, just with a little pattern knitted in around the bottom. But I bought mine though, so yours is much more impressive!!

  2. Jen Tiddy

    I am sooo impressed with your knitting, I love the purple hat, maybe I can borrow the pattern sometime!

  3. Pippa Renyard

    I’m so impressed! I definitely need to get back into my knitting, I still can’t go round corners! Px

  4. Louisa Post author

    Thank you for the lovely comments! I’ve just started another hat, in blue this time, I’m very excited by my new ability to follow a pattern!

  5. Katrin

    Lou I love your blog so much, it really makes me miss Cornwall, I am hoping it will help to bring calmness and simplicity to my busy uni life! xxx

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