Sunny September

Having been all excited about the arrival of autumn, it appears that Christmas is already on it’s way. I popped to Co-op to pick up some milk and was surprised to be queuing up next to shelves bursting with chocolate snowmen and Christmas tree decorations. I love the build up to Christmas, I am glad that as the nights get shorter we start to put up twinkly lights and sparkles. However, September does feel a little bit early!

Blustery day

Blustery day

After taking in the festive goodies at Co-op, I head off on a little bike ride. Work has been quite hectic for the last couple of weeks, so it was lovely to get out on the coastal path. The warm sun seemed quite a juxtaposition when compared to the packets of snow covered chocolates! There is something special about sunny days at this time of year, they feel like super bonus days, once we begin to expect mizzle and damp grey afternoons, any sunny days feel fab! It was a lovely blustery day, the sea was turquoise and the little waves were sparkly white. I had a great bike ride even if I did feel like I was cycling into gale force winds. It was even hard work going down hill in places!

My sunny spot

My sunny spot

But, my cycling paid off and I was rewarded by finding a sunny spot out of the wind where I could drink my flask of tea and do a little bit of basking in the autumn sun before heading home. It was a lovely afternoon, I must remember that even when I am at my busiest at work, just finding an hour or two to go for a walk or a bike ride can make all the difference. This morning I was feeling exhausted, but I am now feeling refreshed and quite inspired!



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