Early autumn treasures

My windswept beach

My windswept beach

I love autumn. I love the colours, the gradually cooling temperature and the thrill of a warm day in September or October, or if you’re really lucky even in November. I particularly love the autumn treasures that come first in the form of blackberries, then beautiful squashes and pumpkins swiftly followed by the most amazing chestnuts just as winter begins to arrive. So, although I do mourn the end of summer with it’s long evenings and the hope of warm days on the beach; I really am glad when the first blackberries arrive. There is something that I love about rainy afternoons spent on empty windswept beaches. I’m secretly pleased to leave summer behind and head towards autumn.

Lovely autumnal colours

Lovely autumnal colours

In celebration of the arrival of my favourite season, I have just spent a lovely afternoon cherishing my first blackberry expedition of the year. I took my bike to Marazion with my Tupperware boxes strapped onto the back ready to collect the fruit. I am really about a week or two early, but I managed to collect enough for a blackberry and apple crumble (which was unfortunately eaten before any photos could be taken!!).

P.S. The eggs have begun to cheap – the chicks are on their way!!

My blackberries

My blackberries


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