It is getting very exciting at the moment, I am waiting for a number of things!

Firstly, my cherished strawberry plant has grown three little green strawberries. I can’t wait! I have been trying so hard to become self-sufficient, my rocket was a great success, as is my lovely Moroccan mint plant; however, I am yet to excel with my green beans or strawberries – until now!! I am sure that I will be able to have a lovely little dish of strawberries and cream, hopefully they will ripen any day soon.

My little strawberry

My little strawberry

In two days time, my second source of anticipation should arrive. My sister has been incubating eggs for a few weeks now and she is expecting the birth of her little chicks within the next two days. I’ll definitely take some pictures, they will be so cute. She is planning to start producing eggs for family and friends so is hoping for lots of female chicks. I just can’t wait!!

Thirdly, I have almost finished one of my rag rugs. It is only small, but I already love it. I’ve been trying to use a slightly more precise technique with smaller loops, so it should be a bit neater than my first attempt. I am almost ready to edge it, so I will reveal all asap!

So all in all I am in for a few exciting days, ripe strawberries, little chicks and a new lovely rug


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