A day of simple pleasures

I’ve had a very productive day and I am consequently feeling quietly pleased with myself!

I started off by attending a meeting to organise our ‘Amnesty International Summer Fun Night’ next week. The plans seem to be going well, the activities are organised and the punch has been ordered – it can’t go wrong! We followed our meeting with a lovely lunch, so all in all we had a calm and successful start to the day.

The freshly painted window

The freshly painted window

On returning home, I avoided the urge to chill out on the beach with a good book. Instead, I finished the second coat of paint on one of my old window frames. There is something very satisfying about covering old, damaged,  and unloved wooden frames with thick white shiny gloss paint. After the first coat, nothing too exciting happened, but after the second coat, it looks fab! I am trying not too think about all the sash windows that I still have left to do, I’m quite happy to bask in the glory of one finished frame! I am very proud of it’s new shiny and hopefully water-tight covering.

To follow on from my small achievements so far today, I have completed a job that I have had on my to-do list for ages. I cleaned my shoe cupboard! I know this sounds a very small and insignificant achievement, but every time I go to take out a pair of shoes I always think ‘I must clean that cupboard’. But, for some reason, the instant that I shut the cupboard door, the thought passes and I continue with my day. That is, until today!! I finally conquered the cupboard. I removed all the shoes, scrubbed away the dust, and a bit of damp, and most excitingly, I lined the cupboard with pretty paper and a plastic cupboard liner left over from my kitchen. I am growing increasingly proud by the moment!!

Finally, as a reward for my hard work, I went on a lovely little bike ride. My little bike and I actually made it up one or two small hills without getting off and walking, this is very unusual, so today really has been a successful day.

Tea and biscuits

Tea and biscuits

There is only one way in which to end such a lovely day of simple pleasures, and that is with a lovely mug of tea, and maybe even a biscuit to dip in it. xx


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