Entrepreneurial Lemon Curd

I have recently discovered a lovely recipe for lemon curd. It is really easy to make and tastes particularly lovely – very summery! Having given away lots of pots to friends and relatives, I have decided to see if I can sell it. I have previously been notoriously bad at making money, I am much more likely to give my home made gifts away than ask for payment. However, I would like to see if I can tap into the lucrative lemon curd market!

So, I now have a little sign on my front door advertising my yummy jars of fair trade lemon curd. My new business hasn’t yet led to queues at my front door, but I have sold my first pot!! Admittedly, I did sell it to my Grandma and did give a generous friends and family discount, but I am not disheartened, I am on my way!

I’ll let you know if I make my fortune!


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