Celebratory beach combing

My sea glass

My sea glass

Today I have had my most successful beach combing experience! I have a passion, verging on an obsession, for sea glass, I can’t help but scour the sand for any trace of beautiful bright blue or green gently eroded glass. Today, in just one hour I found a whole handful of these normally illusive gems!!

My find was particularly exciting as it took place on a beach that was until yesterday the proposed site of a major new development. The design included a large concrete foundation that would have to be constructed on top of the sand and shingle. My local beach, adjacent to Battery Rocks in Penzance, was the intended location for a new passenger terminal, freight depot and lorry park. So why the celebration? A huge negative public response to the scheme led to the need for further consultation and negotiation, the outcome of which was delivered yesterday. Our beach has been saved!! The plans have been withdrawn.

In celebration of this news, I headed down to sit on the beach with a bag of Liquorice Allsorts and spent a lovely hour collecting my sea glass!!


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