Inspirational Music

I’m currently listening to my most recent download, Brett Dennen. Last night, he played to a very grateful Cornish audience as part of his current tour. I was very impressed to see the Acorn Theatre listed as a venue alongside Birmingham’s Academy and London’s roundhouse, I’m always impressed by anyone who makes the journey to Lands End! It was a fab night, his support acts were also lovely, very talented people.

My tea cosy's first cup of tea

So today, I’ve had a quick walk on the beach, listened to my new album and most excitingly, I’ve finished my tea cosy! I’m very proud. I had to hand stitch it all, so it did take a while even though it is quite a basic pattern. I love making things that I actually need, we have spent the afternoon celebrating the new tea cosy by drinking pints of lovely hot tea freshly brewed in my newly protected tea pot. So my kitchen has a new addition at no cost to myself. I managed to avoid buying anything new to make it, so it does match my bedroom curtains – I’m never normally this colour coordinated!

Crafting is becoming one of my favourite things, its so relaxing, a complete antidote to normal working life! This is particularly true since the demise of my much loved sewing machine. In some respects, I have quite enjoyed the move to hand-stitching. The extra time that everything takes seems to add to the sense of achievement and the satisfaction of making something all by your self – no machines involved.

Time for tea

Time for tea

However, I am saving up for a new sewing machine. I’ve seen the one I want and I am awaiting its arrival with anticipation.


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